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Welcome Letter ICPM 2018

Everyone knows that the big pharma is now changing faster than ever before. Big differences in the speed and direction of that change are ongoing. The long-term pharma’s business strategy is now focused in providing health care services with a patient-centered business model which would help physicians and the health care system to providing best treatment quality at reasonable cost and would also help in leveraging reputation. A better use of social media is also perceived as genuinely important. The definition of value for new medicines is much broader with increased focus on evidence and demands for transparency. A different profile of biomedical professionals is now required to effectively perform in this environment.

IFAPP is a nonprofit organization with the mission to promote Pharmaceutical Medicine (Medicines Development) as a distinct discipline and profession by enhancing the competencies of pharmaceutical physicians and graduates from related disciplines involved in medicines development worldwide, thus leading to the availability and appropriate use of medicines for the benefit of patients and society (www.ifapp.org).

Certification though Education and Continuing Professional Development are a major focus of IFAPP. The International Conference of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ICPM) is the largest event for our organization. ICPM is held every two or three years and is aimed to provide the state of the art in key areas for our discipline and profession. ICPM 2018 will be held in Tokyo (www.icpm2018tokyo.com) in collaboration with the Japanese Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine (http://www.japhmed.org) and is expected to gather around 400 representatives from the pharmaceutical, clinical research and regulatory arenas from all over the world.

The helping and hindering factors to the expansion of Pharmaceutical Medicine as a distinct global profession will be discussed during ICPM 2018. The emerging areas requiring additional competencies in the integrated process of medicines development are part of our program. This will be a unique opportunity to brainstorm on the future of our profession by interacting with acknowledged experts while receiving the hospitality of our Japanese colleagues and enjoying the wonders of their capital city.

We look forward to meet you in person in Tokyo!

Honorio Silva, MD, Ph.D
Honorio Silva, MD.
Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University School of Business and School of Health Professions Director, IFAPP-King’s College London Medical Affairs in Medicines Development Professional Certification Program
Kazuya Iwamoto, MD, Ph.D
Kazuya Iwamoto, MD, Ph.D
Senior Medical Director, Covance President, Japanese Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Kyoko Imamura, MD, PhD, DrMedSci
Kyoko Imamura, MD, PhD, DrMedSci
Professor, Pharmaco-Business Innovation, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo and IFAPP President Elect
Shinichi Nishiuma, MD.
Shinichi Nishiuma, MD.
(Head of Medical Affairs, Celgene K.K., Vice president of JAPhMed)(JAPhMed)


International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine (IFAPP)は、製薬医学(Pharmaceutical Medicine)の普及啓発を使命とする各国の製薬医学会の連合会で、 1975年に設立されました。
詳しくはこちら  :http://ifapp.org/About-ifapp


International Conference in Pharmaceutical Medicine (ICPM)はIFAPPが隔年開催する製薬医学の国際大会で、2018年に東京で開催するのは第18回の大会となります。毎回、医薬品の開発と使用に関する国際的な話題をシンポジウム形式でディスカッションしています。